This video goes through an unboxing, showing everything that comes in the box. This post describes these accessories in detail. Click Install Click “Install” on the window that pops up. Manage NXT programs and memory right from your screen. Setup The Analog Discovery. Check out this tutorial on how to get started using the Oscilloscope tool in WaveForms

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You can find installation guides on the Quick Start tab. This post provides a walkthrough of how Demo Mode works.


Setup The Analog Discovery. Remove the accessories from the box. Windows 7, Windows Server R2 and Windows 8, 8. Create your own images to display on the NXT screen. Download WaveForms digilent adept usb device your platform by clicking on the links below. Check out this tutorial on how to get started using the Oscilloscope tool in WaveForms Avept tutorial covers the features and use of the Breadboard Adapter for Analog Discovery.

Start the Oscilloscope Open the Oscilloscope, and click “run”. Sdept All Digilent adept usb device and Regions.

Download Adept Download the correct version of Adept. View your First Measurement! WaveForms is a very quick and straightforward download and install. NI equips engineers and scientists with systems that digilent adept usb device productivity, innovation, and discovery. Click on it to open.

It is the same software interface digilent adept usb device is used with the Digital Discovery and Electronics Explorer boards. Check out this forum thread on troubleshooting. If you haven’t found the answer to your question digilejt the FAQ or documentation page, you can post on the Digilent Forum. This driver is signed by Apple.

Getting Started With Analog Discovery 2

FTDI drivers may be distributed in any form as long as license information is not modified. If you believe a review is incorrect or inappropriate, please report abuse to ratings ni.

If not, digilent adept usb device to the next step. Troubleshooting I haven’t found the answer I need, what do I do? The WaveForms Application is the Digilent virtual instrumentation interface. WaveFormsthe software that interfaces with the Analog Discovery 2, is a free download and includes Demo Mode.

Easily log and digilent adept usb device the data you collect from your NXT. Open the Adept File Open the file you downloaded for Adept in the previous step. Check out this tutorial on how to get started using the Pattern Generator in WaveForms General Questions I bought my Analog Discovery 2, now what?

Welcome to microchipDIRECT

From this menu you can launch each of the tools. To learn more about digilent adept usb device tools, please visit our support page. Choose Installation Destination You’ll need to choose an digilsnt destination or just leave it at the default. WaveForms Application The application that gives you access to all the tools on the Analog Discovery 2, and will serve as your user interface.

Virtual COM Port Drivers

Check out this tutorial on how to get started using the Data Logger in WaveForms For technical support, contact NI at ni. It also includes built-in support digilent adept usb device the help tab. Make sure the version of the Adept install file is the same as WaveForms. For D2XX Direct drivers, please click here.

Windows 2.

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